Welcome to Sharp Shoes!

We are raising money to purchase at least 5,000 brand new shoes for families in desperate need of shoes. Countless people right here in our community go barefoot or wear improper sized shoes due to them not being able to afford a new pair of shoes. We are going to help these families at our local schools and shelters all year long so every donation counts!

How Can I Help?

There are three ways you can help Sharp Shoes and the families in need:


We have a button here that allows you to donate any amount to be used to purchase a new pair of shoes for a child whom desperately needs shoes. Remember the average cost of a new pair of shoes is at least $25 so we ask for that as a minimum but every dollar helps!

Drop Off

Drop off new pairs of shoes OR gently used pairs of shoes (Boys/Girls or Men/Womens) any size, any color, any style; shoes, boots, sandals -everything donated will be put to use and again helps those in need.

Where to Drop Off


Nominate a family in need of shoes-if you know of a family in need of shoes-please complete this attached form and submit it into our group. Please put as much detail as you can with gender/ages/shoe sizes and style/preference (if possible) along with good contact info so we can help coordinate getting this need filled by one of our generous donors.